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Everything you need to get Sales

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Including your own Landing Page


Your personalized Landing Page with ecommerce ordering if required!

Includes your Logo (We will create one for you if you don't have one), your contact details and location details.

  • You will earn 40% Discount on Sales

    Means you can earn as much as $2000 per Sale.
  • We do your support

    We offer email support for all your customers with quick response rates.
  • Unlimited Trial downloads

    Fill your sales funnel with unlimited download trials.

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  • Everything you need to get sales
  • Personalized Landing Page
  • Includes your Logo and contact details
  • Online Shop
  • Direct Contact Form
  • Social Media Pack
  • Unlimited Trial Downloads
  • 100% discount on your 1st Site License
  • 40% Discount on all Sales

Question and Answer

Your questions answered


Decide what level of discount you prefer and sign up to be an Agent.

We will upload your very own personalized Landing page on your chosen domain name and set it up with all your details and online purchasing.

If you don't have a Logo, we will develop one for you.

You will be able to make sales with payments by credit card via the Stripe Card facility. If you haven't got one set up we can help you do that also.

You then market your landing page, get customer interest and convert it into sales.

You make 40% on everything you sell as a USA agent.

When you make your first sale, you keep 100% of the receipt getting you an instant return on your Agent fee.

We will support you every way we can and in addition we will support your customers via email support. That is the best way to ensure the support we give is traceable and accountable for you, your customer and us.

As users take a download trial prior to purchasing TaskForceCO2, support is minimal, and you are safe in the knowledge the software suits your client's set-up.

You can do any form of marketing you like to promote TaskForceCO2. Education is a great market and approaching Schools in your vicinity / State is a great place to start. You can easily obtain email addresses for schools and use any other methods you prefer - word of mouth, leaflets, social media and more.

You have access to unlimited Free downloads so you can fill your sales funnel with as many trial copies as you can and watch them convert to sales.

USA Agents - There is a one off setup fee of $295. For this we will carry out the work in our description. You will receive 40% trade discount on any sales you make. The fee is non-refundable as we cannot undo the work we do.

In all cases the Landing Page will be hosted on any domain of your choice at your domain hosts. If you do not have a domain or hosting, we can provide this for you at $20 per month.

Premium Agents - as a Premium Agent the Set up fee is zero. You agree to purchase $6995 of Licenses upfront. These will be deducted against your initial Sales. If you do not have a domain or hosting, we can provide this for you at $20 per month.

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