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TaskForceCO2 is a software package designed to cut energy costs for organizations by preventing PCs from being left on after hours. If a PC is left on 24/7 it can waste over €200 a year and where an organization like a school or college has hundreds and even thousands of PCs, the waste can be huge.

By providing customers with a solution you can help them save money, reduce co2, reduce calls for support, increase PC security and prolong equipment life.

We are looking for Exclusive Agents throughout the EU to promote and sell TaskForceCO2 in their country and in return, share in the recurring income source on an exclusive countrywide basis!

“With a FREE WordPress web site, it won’t take long to recover the initial outlay”

Upfront License Fee required P.O.A

Do you want to sell a new product and be in total control?

We are looking for EU Exclusive Agents for TaskForceCO2. You will be the only company selling in your country and we will not sell direct. As our Exclusive Agent you can sell to any type of business / organization and employ your own sub level resellers.

We offer you a big trade discount on all sales and no minimum monthly commitment.

Who doesn’t need to save money.

Includes a FREE WordPress Website to facilitate inquiries and downloads which will get you off the ground running!

Top 20 Benefits of TaskForceCO2

You can get immediately by installing

  • It’s easier and more powerful than altering scripts

  • It’s the only way to confirm PCs actually shut down

  • You will save your Organization money

  • You will reduce your Organizations CO2 Emissions

  • You will reduce risks from equipment being left on overnight

  • You will significantly reduce your Organizations Carbon Footprint

  • You will add a level of security, a switched off PC is instantly more secure

  • You will help reduce heat in the office, thereby reducing reliance on air-con

  • You will have an automated system that never gets forgotten about

  • Comply with insurance clauses relating to equipment being left on

  • You will reduce calls for support with regular re-boots

  • You will prolong equipment life with regular shutdowns

  • Users will start work quicker with auto wake ups

  • You will be doing your bit to combat Climate change

  • Add a vital addition to your energy audit

  • No need to educate and re-educate PC users about the need to shut down

  • Shut down PCs out of date device drivers are preventing from being shutdown

  • Add to your Organizations Corporate Social Responsibility program

  • Helps with ISO 9001 14001, 50001 and management system compliance

  • Print reports for senior management on financial and CO2 savings


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