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Preventing PCs from being left on when not in use is a sure-fire way to Save Money AND Reduce CO2. You can’t do one without the other.

TaskForceCO2 is the ideal package to do just that, giving you an easy and incredibly flexible way to deploy power saving schemes across your PCs.

You can Wake PCs on a Schedule or on demand and shut down PCs at a specific time of day when they are not in use. You can have multiple shutdown events per day for both logged on or logged off users.

TaskForceCO2 records average financial and CO2 savings so it’s easy to see you are saving substantially more than the €21.99 Monthly License Fee to cover EVERY PC you have!

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All School Licenses cover an Unlimited Number of PCs at ONE Site Address and include access to Updates and email Support.

You can Register any version with the License Key you receive including the Trial Copy.

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