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One of the best things about our new licence is once you have recovered the cost, normally in just a few weeks, it carries on saving with no reliance on other yearly budgets.

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A complete Power Management Solution

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We all know when a computer is left on, it does nothing but waste money, increase CO2 emissions, give you a bigger energy bill and run various risks from insurance problems to equipment failure.

PC Power Management software can easily be set up to reduce Energy costs and maximise on savings from PCs in a safe way.

Previously, the cost of ownership was problematic with some organizations looking for more money than their software will likely save but take a look at the new TaskForceCO2 Lifetime Power Licence.

Priced at £4995, it covers EVERY PC you have, at EVERY Location on a Lifetime (never needs renewing) basis.

Most users would save more than it costs in a couple of weeks.

If you think about it, PCs are left on all over the world, doing nothing but wasting energy and increasing CO2 emissions.

You only have to look at the media to see how big an issue energy waste is, especially with some Countries increasing costs by up to 39% in the last few months. A major source of this waste is from powering millions of PCs that no one is using.

In today’s economy, no one can afford to waste money powering PCs that are doing nothing. At a potential cost of over £200 a year each, if hundreds are left on it’s not only a big waste of cash but it needlessly increases CO2 emissions too.

With TaskForceCO2 you can easily deploy energy saving schemes to PCs to maximize on saving opportunities.

Everything you need to make sure you maximise on return on investment!


  • Saving money from every PC throughout your estate

    Money saved will add up to significant sums and with no reliance on future budgets, it's virtually impossible not to get a return on investment.
  • You will also reduce your Organizations CO2 emissions.

    That's great for your Corporate Social Responsibility and your stakeholders too.
  • Everything included

    Your entire PC power management requirements are wrapped up in one order with a Lifetime Licence, support and updates. It's impossible to overuse your licence and it never needs auditing.
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Question and Answer

Your questions answered

PCs use electricity. The less electricity you use, the less you pay in electricity charges. By using TaskForceCO2 to automate the shutting down of unused PCs you maximize the savings.

Unlike conventional methods that at best shutdown PCs once a day, TaskForceCO2 can be setup to save money where-ever the opportunity occurs, without any inconvenience.

The less time your computers are left on when no one is using them means the less electricity you use. Using less electricity by default reduces your emissions. We calculate the average emissions based on the average PC wattage and time elapsed since the PC was shut down and then woken up with or without TaskForceCO2.

You can enumerate the TaskForceCO2 console with your PCs by either Active Directory (pulling down Organizational Units), Network neighborhood, or IP address. All the PCs will be displayed in your console. You can then choose to remove certain PCs or move PCs into your own groups defined for Power Management purposes. It does not represent a copy of Active Directory for that purpose as you can remove PCs from TaskForceCO2 while still keeping the in your Active Directory.

  • Prolonged equipment life - equipment lasts longer with regular shutdowns.
  • Compliance with insurance clauses regards equipment being left on.
  • Reduced calls to support with regular shutdowns.
  • Increased Security - a shutdown PC is far more secure than one left on!
  • No need to educate and re-educate users to shutdown PCs.
  • Lifetime Licence Save forever

    No Renewals or reliance on future budgets!

    • Lifetime Power Licence



    • Pay once - use for Life!
    • Unlimited PCs
    • Unlimited Locations
    • Lifetime Licence
    • Product Lifetime Support
    • Product Lifetime Upgrades
    • No need to account for retiring PCs
    • No need to account for new PCs
    • No reliance on future budgets

    Everything you need to save money

    Year after year after year!

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