TaskForceCO2 makes Life Easier.

It doesn’t have to be rocket science to implement some strategic changes that simplify the whole Power Management process.

TaskForceCO2’s Power Console makes it’s easier to decide what power schemes to apply to what PCs or Groups of PCs.

You can adjust any power setting in seconds any clearly see what is set up. This means you are far more likely to reap the benefits of initiating Power Saving policies.

You can optionally arrange PCs within Groups to match your Power Plans, not necessarily those of your workflow.

For instance, you can easily make a group specifically for servers and apply no Power Scheme. You can add other essential PCs you never want to shut down to their own Group too.

Add Multiple Power Schemes per day, per PC and you’re in the saving Business.

Everything in life is easier when you can see it at a glance.

TaskForceCO2 reduces Waste.

When a PC is left on it can waste up to 90c per night. 90c doesn’t sound a lot but if 25, 50 or 100 PCs are left on, every night of the Year, that can quickly add up to $33,000 or more in pure waste.

Don’t forget, when a PC is left on overnight on a Friday, its usually on all Weekend too. That adds another 170 plus hours of waste, per PC. When you add all the other opportunities during the day to save money, your savings can really add up.

You will also want to put an end to needless CO2 emissions. A left on PC can increase emissions by as much as 1.5 tons of CO2 per PC, per year.

Reducing your Carbon Footprint is great for your Organizations Corporate Social Responsibility program. It’s also great for employees or students and great for stakeholders.

With full reports on average financial and CO2 savings, you can quickly see your return on investment.

Believe in Climate change or not, reducing CO2 reduces costs. You can’t do one without the other.

TaskForceCO2 means Saving Time.

Optional automatic wake ups get PCs ready for the start of day. This ensures no work time is wasted especially when getting lecture rooms and larger offices ready for a prompt start.

You also save by reducing the time you spend on conventional ways of controlling savings using scripts and policies. They can be time consuming and can often be difficult to maintain, modify and keep track of.

On top of that, they often get out of control or forgotten about and in many cases, out of date device drivers can prevent shut downs which is a constant source of hassle for IT but not with TaskForceCO2 in operation.

Regular shut downs free up systems resources making PCs less likely to become slow and clogged down.

Do in seconds what you used to do in hours!

Unlimited Site License

Just $795
  • Includes 1 Years License, Support and Upgrades

With TaskForceCO2 your IT staff have more time to concentrate on other matters and not have to worry whether the power management policy has been swept under the carpet.

TaskForceCO2 Saves your Organization Money!

Save Money

Not powering Unused PCs is the fastest route to Financial savings for your Organization

Reduce CO2

Trying to go Carbon Neutral? Give your efforts a big boost with TaskForceCO2 – Power Management Software

Prolong Equipment Life

Not leaving PCs on for long extended periods helps protect equipment from burn out and other risks

Reduce Support

PCs that get regular shut downs are less likely to cause support issues the next day