We know Schools don’t like to waste resources
Now they don’t have to!

All Schools know the importance of reducing waste. But sometimes it’s not that obvious where the waste is accumulating. For instance, when a PC doesn’t shut down during periods of inactivity it’s just wasting School funds. Not only that, but the additional strain on School resources contributes to many other forms of waste like increased calls for support, diminished equipment life, and increased requirements on climate control.

There is one easy way to make sure no waste occurs – use TaskForceCO2 for PC Power Management.


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Did you know? Just 1 PC can waste $140 a year if it never shuts down!

How can TaskForceCO2 save you money?

TaskForceCO2 is a Network computer program designed to simplify and automate the shutting down of unused PCs, thereby saving their owners substantial amounts in cash and CO2 reductions.

You only have to look at the media to see how big an issue energy waste is, especially with some States increasing Electricity costs by up to 29% in recent months. A major source of this waste is from powering millions of PCs that no one is using.

If Computers are left on during the day, overnight or at weekends, they are wasting Electricity. The more PCs an Organization has the more the waste. It’s not a small amount either.

When you work it out, a PC left on from 3 pm until the following morning uses 18 hours of electricity. Add weekends and that’s a staggering 130 hours a week of wasted energy which equates to about $2.73 a week for a 150W PC based on an average kWh of 14c.

That’s a $140 waste a year … and that’s just 1 PC!

With TaskForceCO2 installed, organizations can stop this waste in its tracks, and with full reports on average financial and CO2 savings it’s easy to see the point they reach a return on investment … it’s often in less than a couple of weeks!

TaskForceCO2 makes life easier.

TaskForceCO2 is the easy way to implement some strategic changes that simplify the whole power management process from one central Power Console.

You can adjust any power setting in seconds and see what is set up. This means you are far more likely to reap the benefits of initiating power-saving policies.

You can optionally arrange PCs within groups to match your power plans, not necessarily those of your workflow. You can easily apply multiple power schemes per day, per PC, or groups of PCs with different settings for logged-on or logged-off users.

You start to save from day one!

Everything in life is easier when you can see it!

TaskForceCO2 reduces waste.

When a PC is left on it can waste up to 39c per night based on a 150w PC and 14c per kWh. 39c doesn’t sound a lot but if 50, 100, or 200 PCs are left on, every night of the year, that can quickly add up to $28,000 or more of pure recurring waste.

Don’t forget, when a PC is left on overnight on a Friday, it’s usually on all weekend too. 

With TaskForceCO2 deployed you also put an end to needless CO2 emissions. A left-on PC can increase emissions by as much as 1.5 tons of CO2 per PC, per year.

With full reports on average financial and CO2 savings, you can quickly see your return on investment.

Reducing CO2 reduces costs. You can’t do one without the other.

TaskForceCO2 saves time and money.

Optional automatic wake-ups get PCs ready for the start of the day. This ensures no work time is wasted especially when getting lecture rooms and larger offices ready for a prompt start.

You also save by reducing the time you spend on conventional ways of controlling savings using scripts and policies. They can be time-consuming and can often be difficult to maintain, modify and keep track of.

On top of that, they often get out of control or are forgotten about, and in many cases, out-of-date device drivers can prevent shutdowns which is a constant source of hassle for IT but not with TaskForceCO2 in operation.

There is no easier way to do PC Power Management!

Quick Installation and Setup

  • Find your PCs with Active Directory, Network Neighborhood, or IP Range
  • Bring down LDAP Organizational Units and Sub Units
  • Choose Organizational Units, your Groups, or Existing Groups
  • Install Server Service on the default or preferred Port
  • Server Service takes over in the background
  • Install Clients on PCs automatically or manually
  • Change Conversion rates for reporting average CO2 and Financial Savings
  • Only Shut down PCs if they are logged on / logged off or regardless

Easily set Power Schemes

  • Organization closed on Weekends? – One-click Scheme set up to apply a scheme to weekends only
  • Closing Monday for a Public Holiday? – Set your Scheme to take advantage of savings on specific days
  • Need to do some maintenance? Use the TaskForceCO2 Wake on Demand feature
  • Full support for hibernate means you never lose your work
  • Design Power Schemes with multiple shut down, Hibernate and Wake Ups
  • Deploy instantly to PCs or Groups of PCs in one go
Normally $49 per Month. Special Offer of $24.99 per month lasts for however long you subscribe to TaskforceCO2.

When did you last buy a product that virtually guarantees to save you more than it costs! 

Our Ultimate School License lets you use TaskForceCO2 on any number of PCs at your School.

With just 1 PC capable of wasting more than $140 a year if it never shuts down, it means it’s virtually impossible not to save the relatively small $24.99 monthly license fee, many, many times over!

The good news is, with reports on average financial savings included, it’s just a case of looking at your savings and comparing them to the $24.99 cost to see the massive value for money you are getting!

Order Today! Our $24.99 a month School License isn’t for just 1 PC, it covers EVERY PC at your School!

Ultimate School

$2499Per Month
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  • • Unlimited PCs
  • • Covers every PC in your School Site
  • • Pay Monthly – minimum period of 12 months
  • Includes Support and Upgrades
  • Shutting down just 1 PC that’s normally left on more than recovers outlay!

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