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Exclusive Distributor Opportunity for USA & Canada

White Label option available

A Unique Opportunity exists for one Exclusive Distributor for our software TaskForceCO2 in the United States of America and Canada.

As our Exclusive Distributor you will be the sole representative in the territory with no competition (not even from the us, the authors) and you will be licensed to sell to all Schools, Colleges, Businesses, Local and State Government Departments and any other organization that wishes to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

As part of the deal (Advanced License Purchase required) you will have your own TaskForceCO2 e-commerce Web Site uploaded to any domain name of your choice.

We also offer a White Label branding option if required (Set-up Fee applies) which can tailor the proposition to your own product name, company branding and colors and link to your Web Site.

As the Exclusive Distributor you will retain a massive 80% of all Sales income. Initial sales will be drawn down against your Advance License Purchase and thereafter will be payable on a 30 day account basis.

We offer a 3 Year deal will 12 month break clauses and negotiable sales target for automatic continuance of the Exclusive contract.

Be part of something great!

Attractive 3 Year Deal with 12 month exit clauses

Easy Terms for Exclusivity

Fully Supported package

  • Territory: Entire USA and Canada
  • Advanced License Purchase: $19,500
  • Distributor Discount: 80%
  • White Label branding option : $5995 Fee.
  • Full e-commerce Website included.
  • Use of all graphics and marketing materials.
  • Email Templates available.
  • 3 Year deal provides protection on income.

Relatively Low Advanced License Purchase.

You do not pay for Exclusivity, the Advanced License Purchase is used up by your initial sales. It’s merely an advanced order to allow us to offer you Exclusivity for the Territory. It gives you the flexibility to know you are the sole representative for the Territory and we will not sell in the Territory.

Because you will have upfront licenses, your initial 15% of Sales costs will be drawn down against these, thereafter we offer 30 day payment terms.

It’s a great opportunity that gives you the ability to forecast accurately.

You can cover your Upfront License Purchase with just 5 Sales!

You keep 85% of all Sales income.

With a generous discount, you keep 80% of all Sales Income, paying us the remaining 20% on a monthly basis.

We will continue to develop the product, look after bug fixes and provide timely support to you.

With our Ultimate Gold option retailing at $3995, you can recover the Advanced License Purchase with just 5 Sales.

Low Percentage on Monthly Sales paid only on Sales Receipts!

Optional White Label available

Prefer to market the product Exclusively under your own branding? No problem. For a one-off Set-up Fee of $5995 we can supply a ‘unique to you’ version of TaskForceCO2 including your branding, colors and logo and Link it directly to your Web Site.

Whilst you will support your customers, (there is very little support required) we will provide support to you via our development team, so you never get stuck.

As a White Label Version you can also by mutual agreement decide on your own pricing and license policy.

Everything included, it’s a ‘Ready to Go’ opportunity!

Interested? Contact us today we will be happy to discuss the proposition with you.