PC Power Management made easy.

TaskForceCO2 allows you to easily set up Power Schemes to take advantage of savings opportunities throughout the day and weekends in a way to minimize on effort and bring extra features not found in normal Windows Power Management.

It Shuts down PCs out of date device drivers are preventing from being shut down and it works on all versions of Windows including Windows 8.1 and Win 10 and Server 2016.

With automated wake up’s you can get off to a quick start too and eliminate wasted hours while users wait for PCs to start up.

There is no point paying to power unused PCs! Now you don’t have to.

TaskForceCO2 Management Console

Everything about TaskForceCO2 is easy. From the minute you download and install you can be up and running in just seconds.

When you install TaskForceCO2 you simply run through a quick configure section, deciding how to enumerate your PCs and installing the server service. When you have your PCs in the console just make a scheme and apply it to your chosen PC or groups of PCs … it doesn’t get any easier.

You can view information about each PC from the console including power activity and use the console to get any reports you want.

A 1 Year 500 User Licence starts from just £275*

Quick Installation and Setup

  • Find your PCs with Active Directory, Network Neighbourhood or IP Range
  • Bring down LDAP Organizational Units and Sub Units
  • Choose Organizational Units, your own Groups or Existing Groups
  • Install Server Service on default or preferred Port
  • Server Service takes over in background
  • Install Clients on PCs automatically or manually
  • Change Conversion rates for reporting of average CO2 and Financial Savings

Easily set a Power Scheme to PCs or Groups of PCs

  • Organisation closed at Weekends? – One Click Scheme setup to apply a scheme to weekends only
  • Closing Monday for a Bank Holiday? – Set your Scheme to take advantage of savings on specific days
  • Need to do some maintenance? Use the TaskForceCO2 Wake on Demand feature
  • Full support for hibernate means you never lose your work
  • Design Power Schemes with multiple shut down, Hibernate and Wake Ups
  • Deploy instantly to PCs or Groups of PCs in one go

Extra Features Help you maximise on Savings

  • Force PCs to shut down avoiding problems with out of date device drivers preventing shut down
  • Repeat Task function allows you to shut down a PC if it is turned back on after the first shut down
  • Visible shut down warning gives users a notice of imminent shut down
  • Choose to only execute Scheme if User is Logged off
  • User delayed shut downs
  • Task-bar Timer to shut down option
  • Keyboard press delay to shut downs
  • Digital Display Timer allows users to monitor shut down time and delay with keyboard press.

TaskForceCO2 helps you put the ‘Eco’ in Economic

With Access to Full Reporting on Average Financial and CO2 savings, it easy to see when you have made a Return on your Investment and it’s usually within a couple of Weeks.

  • Report on CO2 Reductions by PC, Group of PCs or Organization

  • Total hours saved by Power Tasks

  • Total Costs Save

  • Total Costs Saved by Power Task

  • Carbon Emissions Savings Report

  • Report on Least used Equipment

  • Carbon Emissions Savings Report by Power Tasks

  • Monthly Reports

  • Schemes in Use Report

  • Graphic Dashboard Reporting

  • Export Reports to CSV

  • Total Savings Icon for instant view

All of the Features at less of the Price!

  • Automatically put PCs on Stand-by, Hibernate or shut down

  • Including Windows 7, 8 & 10 PCs

  • Overrides Windows shut down

  • Wake PCs automatically and on demand

  • User definable shut down Warnings

  • Select to shut down logged on or logged off PCs

  • Identify Savings easily with ‘Quick Savings’ Button

  • See how many PCs are in your console at a glance

  • User definable Port settings for Wake on Lan

  • Ability to calculate broadcast address for Subnets

  • Set Schemes for Weekends, Weekdays or individual days

  • Display schemes in console for the day or week

  • No reliance on Windows Power schemes

  • Works where conventional methods fail

  • Full Reporting on average Financial and CO2 reductions

  • Extract CSV or print reports

  • Excellent Support and Upgrades included in all Packages

  • TaskForceCO2 works on Windows ME, NT, 2000, XP SP2, Vista, Win 7, Win 8.1, Win 10, Server 2003/2008/2012 / 2016

Welcome to TaskForceCO2, you really can’t help but get a substantial return on your investment.

The best way to see if TaskForceCO2 will make a substantial difference to your Organisation is to try it!

We offer a Free 14-day Trial copy that works on up to 250 PCs and gives you the full unrestricted functionality of TaskForceCO2 in order for you to see how well it works and see the real potential for saving, without having to outlay any money.

The Trial gives you all the information you need on projected average savings so you can make an informed decision regards purchasing. It is possible to save more money during the Trial than a Licence to deploy in your Organisation costs!

Take a look now – No sales people will call!


*Discounts Available for Education.