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TaskForceCO2 PC Power Management Software Ultimate Gold Product Packaging

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What is TaskForceCO2?

TaskForceCO2 is a Network Computer Program designed to simplify and automate the shutting down of unused PCs, thereby saving their owners substantial amounts in cash and CO2 reductions.

You only have to look at the media to see how big an issue energy waste is, and a major source of this waste is from powering millions of PCs that no one is using.

If Computers are left on during the day, overnight or at weekends, they are wasting Electricity. The more PCs an Organization has the more the waste. It’s not a small amount either, it can easily exceed $32 a year for every PC on a Network.

When you work it out, a PC left on from 3pm until the following morning uses 18 hours of electricity. Add weekends and that’s a staggering 130 hours a week of wasted energy which equates to about $3.90 a week.

That’s a $200 burn through a year … and that’s just 1 PC!

With TaskForceCO2 installed, Organizations can stop this waste in its tracks and with full reports on average Financial and CO2 Savings it’s easy to see the point they reach a return on investment … it’s often in less than a couple of weeks!

Do you see PCs left on?

Incredible Lifetime Value!

Start saving today with an Ultimate School Lifetime License at just $665

savings that last a lifetime!
Payback shutting down just 3 PCs

Schools often suffer budget constraints which is why we provide a low-cost solution by way of our Ultimate School License.

Ultimate School covers an unlimited number of PCs at one school on a lifetime basis.

With Ultimate School, your school never has to account for new or retiring PCs and you never have a renewal fee to pay.

Ultimate School has all the additional features your school needs to maximize on savings like multiple power events per day, different power events for different PCs or groups of PCs and full reports on financial and CO2 savings.

Licensing designed for schools at just cents per PC!

Our School License covers unlimited PCs at one School Site. With a Lifetime License, a one off payment secures your license, support and upgrades without any annual renewals.

Ultimate Silver
Unlimited PC Lifetime
Site License Now Just $995!

it’s impossible not to save more than your license costs!
Payback shutting down just 5 PCs

Many organizations, for administrative or budget related issues, prefer an Unlimited License which is why we offer Ultimate Silver for non-educational establishments. 

Our Ultimate Silver License lets an organization use it on any number of PCs at a single site on a Lifetime basis. It means you never have to account for the number of PCs you install TaskForceCO2 on. 

Not only does it let you shut down an unlimited number of PCs but you never have to account for new or retiring PCs either. There are literally no restrictions on numbers.

Ultimate Silver brings down the cost of power management to a fraction of a cent per PC and with a Lifetime license, there are no annual renewals or ongoing costs to pay!

With features like visual shutdown warnings and the ability to repeat a shutdown event if a PC is switched back on again, it means you are sure to save much more than with conventional methods.

Multi-Site Ultimate Gold license available.

The best license deal in the business. Not having to renew your license annually leaves your budget untouched for next year’s projects!

Lifetime License | No Renewal Fees | Continuous License with no breaks | Lifetime unlock code

Ultimate Gold Unlimited Lifetime Multi Site License $5995 Now $3995!

our ultimate license – unlimited pcs, unlimited sites, for life!
TaskForceCO2 PC Power Management Software Ultimate Gold Product Packaging
Payback shutting down just 18 PCs

TaskForceCO2 is very affordable with our Ultimate Gold Unlimited Multi Site License normally $5995, now just $3995. That covers EVERY PC at ALL your Sites and shutting down around 18 PCs that normally are left on all year will get you a return on investment. Chances are, without Power Management Software, hundreds could be left on!

This awesome license is all-inclusive, with no annual renewals needed. It covers the License, Support and Upgrades and means you never have to audit your usage which can be a time consuming and costly process.

It’s literally just a case of Install and Save!

If you want to simplify your PC Power Management AND save more money, take a look today!

There’s no point being Cent wise, Dollar foolish, educating all your users and re-educating new users about the need for power management, when you can automate it with TaskForceCO2.

Simple, Affordable, Effective!

….. That’s TaskForceCO2


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TaskForceCO2 makes life easier.

It doesn’t have to be rocket science to implement some strategic changes that simplify the whole power management process.

TaskForceCO2’s power console makes it’s easier to decide what power schemes to apply to what PCs or Groups of PCs.

You can adjust any power setting in seconds any clearly see what is set up. This means you are far more likely to reap the benefits of initiating power saving policies.

You can optionally arrange PCs within groups to match your power plans, not necessarily those of your workflow and with multiple power schemes per day, per PC, you are instantly saving!

Everything in life is easier when you can see it at a glance.

TaskForceCO2 reduces waste.

When a PC is left on it can waste up to 80c per night. 80c doesn’t sound a lot but if 25, 50 or 100 PCs are left on, every night of the year, that can quickly add up to $30,000 or more of pure waste.

Don’t forget, when a PC is left on overnight on a Friday, its usually on all weekend too. 

With TaskForceCO2 deployed you also put an end to needless CO2 emissions. A left on PC can increase emissions by as much as 1.5 tons of CO2 per PC, per year.

With full reports on average financial and CO2 savings, you can quickly see your return on investment.

Believe in climate change or not, reducing CO2 reduces costs. You can’t do one without the other.

TaskForceCO2 saves time.

Optional automatic wake ups get PCs ready for the start of day. This ensures no work time is wasted especially when getting lecture rooms and larger offices ready for a prompt start.

You also save by reducing the time you spend on conventional ways of controlling savings using scripts and policies. They can be time consuming and can often be difficult to maintain, modify and keep track of.

On top of that, they often get out of control or forgotten about and in many cases, out of date device drivers can prevent shutdowns which is a constant source of hassle for IT but not with TaskForceCO2 in operation.

There is no easier way to do PC Power Management!

Top 20 Benefits of TaskForceCO2

You can get immediately by installing

  • It’s massively easier than messing around with Scripts

  • It’s the only way to confirm PCs actually shut down

  • You will save your Organization money

  • You will reduce your Organizations CO2 emissions

  • You will reduce risks from equipment being left on over night

  • You will significantly reduce your Organizations Carbon Footprint

  • You will add a level of security, a switched off PC is instantly more secure

  • You will help reduce heat in the office, thereby reducing reliance on air con

  • You will have an automated system that never gets forgotten about

  • Comply with insurance clauses relating to equipment being left on

  • You will reduce calls for support with regular re-boots

  • You will prolong equipment life with regular shutdowns

  • Users will start work quicker with auto wake ups

  • You will be doing your bit to combat Climate change

  • Add a vital addition to your energy audit

  • No need to educate and re-educate PC users about the need to shut down

  • Shut down PCs out of date device drivers are preventing from being shutdown

  • Add to your Organizations Corporate Social Responsibility program

  • Helps with ISO 9001 14001, 50001 and management system compliance

  • Print reports for senior management on financial and CO2 savings

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