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Whatever the time, day or night, you save with TaskForceCO2

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While you Sleep.

Power Management Software.  Improves your PCs efficiencies with regular shutdowns and lets you enjoy cost savings and CO2 reducing benefits

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While you Wake.

Let Automatic Wakeups get your PCs ready for the start of day without losing valuable extra time

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While you Work.

Take advantage throughout the day of opportunities to save money with effective PC Power Management that TaskForceCO2 delivers

It’s a Fact. PCs always get left on and when they do, they waste money and increase CO2.

TaskForceCO2 PC Power Management Software Single PC License product Packaging

It’s not a small amount either. Wastage can easily average $32 a year for every PC on your Network.

A PC left on from 3pm until the following morning typically wastes 18 hours of electricity. Add weekends and that’s a staggering 130 hours a week of wasted energy which could mean a waste of $3.90 a week. That’s over $200 a year … and that’s just 1 PC!

Sometimes Users, especially in Education, don’t see it as their responsibility to shut down PCs, so it makes sense to automate.

By installing TaskForceCO2 you stop this waste in its tracks, for every PC, every day of the Year.

There’s no point being Cent wise, Dollar foolish, educating all your Users and re-educating new Users about the need for Power Management, when you can automate it with TaskForceCO2.

TaskForceCO2 – PC Power Management Made Easy!

It lets you implement flexible but Powerful Energy Saving Schemes in the easiest way possible.

Multiple Power Events per PC, per day and the ability to arrange PCs by Power Management requirements, guarantee substantial savings. Best of all, it works across all versions of Windows.

Yes, some of the power saving tasks could be achieved with Group Policies and Scripts. However, these require an in-depth knowledge and are time consuming to setup. With TaskForceCO2 you know all the opportunities to save resources have been taken, with the evidence to support it. All whilst spending as little time as possible messing with scripts and policies. 

Without TaskForceCO2, you would not be aware when the required power actions are prevented due to out of date device drivers or software that has not closed properly. This in turn means you would have no way of knowing how much you are saving or even if you are saving all you could be. 

Automatic wake ups get PCs ready for the start of day too. This ensures no work time is wasted as it can take several minutes for PCs to wake up causing users to lose focus.

With full reports on average Financial and CO2 Savings it’s easy to see the point you reach a return on investment … and it’s often in less than a couple of weeks.

TaskForceCO2 has everything you need, built in, to get your PC Power Management not just underway, but saving resources, from Day One.

Just $3 per PC, per Year or Less!

Affordable PC Power Management.

The longer the License, the more you Save!

Schools Only!

$4952 Year License
  • Unlimited PCs School License


$31 Year
  • Per PC 1 Year License


  • Unlimited PCs Ultimate Gold Lifetime License

Download Delivery. Prices Exclude  Sales Tax (Where Applicable).

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Prefer a One-off Lifetime Unlimited License?
You will love our Ultimate Gold License
No Renewals and no need to Ever Audit your Usage.

TaskForceCO2 PC Power Management Software Ultimate Gold Product Packaging

Ultimate Gold Unlimited Lifetime License

Now $5995
  • Covers Unlimited PCs at any Location

Download Delivery. Prices Exclude Sales Tax (Where Applicable).

Simple, Effective and Easy to Manage … Ultimate Gold

New School ‘s Only License! All your School PCs just $495!

TaskForceCO2 PC Power Management Software School License Packaging

At PeachWorx, we understand Schools often suffer budget constraints which is why we provide a low-cost unlimited Solution Exclusively for Schools by way of our School License.

Our School License covers any number of PCs at a School Site for a one-off fee of $495 with 2 Years, License, Support and Upgrades included. This removes any worry of over licensing and annual budget commitments, but more importantly, makes it affordable.

Having an automated solution gives the School IT Manager an easy way to ensure that all PCs actually do shut down as well as providing substantial reports on average Financial and CO2 savings for School Leadership and Senior Management.

With a return on investment normally in a couple of weeks, it makes the School License a must have at less than $1 a day!

Licensing designed for Schools at less than $1 a Day!

Top 20 Benefits of TaskForceCO2

You can get immediately by installing

  • It’s massively Easier than messing around with Scripts

  • It’s the Only way to confirm PCs actually shut down

  • You will Save your Organization Money

  • You will Reduce your Organizations CO2 Emissions

  • You will reduce risks from equipment being left on over night

  • You will significantly reduce your Organizations Carbon Footprint

  • You will add a level of security, a switched off PC is instantly more secure
  • You will help reduce heat in the office, thereby reducing reliance on air con
  • You will have an automated system that never gets forgotten about
  • Comply with Insurance clauses relating to equipment being left on
  • You will reduce calls for support with regular re-boots

  • You will prolong equipment life with regular shut downs
  • Users will start work quicker with auto wake ups

  • You will be doing your bit to combat Climate change
  • Add a Vital Addition to your Energy Audit
  • No need to Educate and re-educate PC Users about the need to shut down
  • Shut down PCs out of date device drivers are preventing from being shutdown
  • Add to your Organizations Corporate Social Responsibility program

  • Helps with ISO 9001 14001, 50001 and management system compliance
  • Print reports for Senior Management on Financial and CO2 savings

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The Trial gives you all the information you need on projected average savings so you can make an informed decision regards purchasing. It is possible to save more money during the Trial than a License to deploy in your Organization costs!
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Graphic portraying laboratory experiment to save money
If you want every day to count towards your efficiencies, then you need to stop wastage.


If you want every day to count towards your efficiencies, then you need to stop wastage from unused PCs.
When PCs are left on overnight, at weekends or are left unattended, they are all wasting money. Install TaskForceCO2 and you will have a guaranteed way to save your Organisation money and cut CO2. You can achieve it without having to mess around with tedious manual methods.

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Make every day count towards your Efficiencies with TaskForceCO2 Power Management.


Making sure you are not powering unused PCs helps reduce your Carbon Footprint.
That is important for your Staff, your Students if you are in Education, your Stakeholders and the Local Community. Reducing CO2 is good for the Environment and it’s also a by-product of saving money. You can’t do one without the other! It’s an opportunity to save money and cut CO2 at the same time.

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Row of Houses indicating Streamlined Efficiencies from PC Power Management Software
It's the most Organized way to make sure you maximize on CO2 and Financial Savings every day.


With an effective Power Management solution in place you are totally in control of your IT.
You can introduce savings from prolonging equipment life with regular shut downs and reduced calls to support. You will also save time for your IT Staff allowing them to get on with other things. You will also provide an additional level of security for sensitive PCs as a shutdown PC is clearly more secure than one left on!

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