Affordable Licensing Options

1 Year License

A great introduction to PC Power Management. Our 1 Year Licenses include 1 years License, Support and Upgrades and is virtually guaranteed to save you more than it costs.

3 Year License

If you are looking for bigger savings versus expenditure our 3 Year License Saves you more money on cost of ownership and also includes 3 Years License, Support and Upgrades.

5 Year License

Looking to stabilize your licensing over the longer period? Check out our 5 Year License. If affords 5 Years of continual License, Support and Upgrades, all-inclusive deal.

Lifetime License

The Ultimate in Software Licensing, Ultimate Gold. It includes a completely Unlimited License covering ANY number of PCs, at ANY Location, with No Renewals … For Life.

License Terms.

As well as providing licenses that encompass all your needs and enable you to deploy TaskForceCO2 with ease, we also include a comprehensive support and upgrade package with each License type.

  • 1 Year License Covers Individual PCs with a 1 Year License. 1 Years Free Support and Upgrades included.

  • 3 Years License Covers Individual PCs with a 3 Year Continuous License. 3 Years Free Support and Upgrades included.

  • 5 Year License Covers Individual PCs with 5 Year License Support and Upgrades included.

  • Ultimate Gold – Covers Unlimited PCs with a Lifetime License. Product Lifetime Free Support and Upgrades included.

  • Licenses that are not renewed expire and are no longer valid unless a Lifetime Package is Purchased.

  • All Licenses issued Prior to Jan 2019 keep their existing benefits.

Need a Quote? Just use our Contact Form and let us know if you are a Commercial or Education User and the Number of PCs you would like a License for.

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The best way to see if TaskForceCO2 will make a substantial difference to your Organization is to try it!
We offer a Free 14-day Trial copy that works on up to 250 PCs. No Credit Card Required. 
The Trial gives you all the information you need on projected average savings so you can make an informed decision regards purchasing. It is possible to save more money during the Trial than a License to deploy in your Organization costs!
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Graphic portraying laboratory experiment to save money
If you want every day to count towards your efficiencies, then you need to stop wastage.


If you want every day to count towards your efficiencies, then you need to stop wastage from unused PCs.
When PCs are left on overnight, at weekends or are left unattended, they are all wasting money. Install TaskForceCO2 and you will have a guaranteed way to save your Organisation money and cut CO2. You can achieve it without having to mess around with tedious manual methods.

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Make every day count towards your Efficiencies with TaskForceCO2 Power Management.


Making sure you are not powering unused PCs helps reduce your Carbon Footprint.
That is important for your Staff, your Students if you are in Education, your Stakeholders and the Local Community. Reducing CO2 is good for the Environment and it’s also a by-product of saving money. You can’t do one without the other! It’s an opportunity to save money and cut CO2 at the same time.

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Row of Houses indicating Streamlined Efficiencies from PC Power Management Software
It's the most Organized way to make sure you maximize on CO2 and Financial Savings every day.


With an effective Power Management solution in place you are totally in control of your IT.
You can introduce savings from prolonging equipment life with regular shut downs and reduced calls to support. You will also save time for your IT Staff allowing them to get on with other things. You will also provide an additional level of security for sensitive PCs as a shutdown PC is clearly more secure than one left on!

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