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In any School, when a PC is left switched on and no one is using it, its wasting money. Often scripts are used to turn PCs off at a given time but these are complicated, often fail due to device drivers preventing shutdown, and are inflexible.

If you install TaskForceCO2 you can set up schemes that allow you to save money during any period when a PC is not in use and most importantly, it makes the procedure accountable.

For instance, you wouldn’t want your PCs shutting down every 2 minutes but if no one has touched it for say 30 minutes, and its after a certain time like 3.30pm, its likely the user has gone home so you can execute an automatic shut down of the PC.

You could also say, ‘Hibernate any PC that hasn’t been touched for 10 minutes after 9am then shut the PCs down at 4pm but only if no one is logged on, then shut it down at 6pm regardless if someone is logged on or not.’.

That would mean during the period of hibernation the PC would use virtually no electricity but save the data until finally shutting it down properly at 6pm.

With TaskForceCO2 all these savings are recorded so you can see at a glance if your investment has paid off. In our experience, this is usually within 2 weeks.

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Unlimited PC School District License $4995 covers ALL Schools in your District

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You only have to look at the media to see how big an issue energy waste is, especially with some Countries increasing costs by up to 39% in the last few months. A major source of this waste is from powering millions of PCs that no one is using.

In today’s economy, no one can afford to waste money powering PCs that are doing nothing. At a potential cost of over $200 a year each, if hundreds are left on it’s not only a big waste of cash but it needlessly increases CO2 emissions too.

TaskForceCO2 automates the waking up and shutting down of PCs. Yes, you can do it with scripts or policies but that’s limited, time-consuming, doesn’t give you any Financial or CO2 reports, won’t easily give you multiple power events per day and won’t let you know when PCs don’t shut down.

With TaskForceCO2 installed, Organizations can stop this waste in its tracks, and with full reports on average Financial and CO2 Savings it’s easy to see the point they reach a return on investment … it’s often in less than a couple of weeks!

TaskForceCO2 will substantially cut your costs and CO2 over conventional methods!

When you work it out, a PC left on from 3 pm until the following morning uses 18 hours of electricity. Add weekends and that’s a staggering 130 hours a week of wasted energy which equates to about $4.09 a week for a 150W PC based on an average kWh of 21c.

That’s a $212 waste of power a year … and that’s just 1 PC!

Let TaskForceCO2 stop that wastage for your organization …. Now!

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